The Razor EDGE

Washworld Inc. Unveils New Touch-Free Car Wash

Luxury Meets Speed in Vehicle Wash Designs.

DE PERE, Wisconsin: Washworld, Inc. brings a new In-Bay Automatic vehicle wash to the line-up with the Razor® EDGE. Meet the perfect combination of speed and user experience in car wash technology. The Razor® EDGE comes equipped with all our reliable Razor® components but now includes an intense customer experience featuring all new elements: HyperFlex, LumenArch and SpectraRay.

Washworld Razor EDGE



Washworld flexible manifold

Washworld HyperFlex close-up

HyperFlex heightens the dynamic cleaning experience of Razor EDGE. With HyperFlex, 2 product applications can be applied at the same time resulting in a dramatically reduced wash time. When used in conjunction with SpectraRay, customizable LED lights shower the vehicle with a blanket of color to create the ultimate experience!




Washworld Illuminated Arch

Washworld Lumenarch

LumenArch includes 324 dazzling LED lights that create an eye-catching glow of the spray arch both during product applications and while idle. During product application, the LED lights illuminate the product being applied as well as the interior of the vehicle to create a unique, appealing car wash experience!




Washworld SpectraRay

Washworld SpectraRay

A spectacular array of 4,528 LED lights fill the wash bay with SpectraRay! The red, magenta, blue and green LEDs are fully customizable to add splashes of various colors during any or all of the product applications to accentuate the entire wash process. Even when idle, SpectraRay can sequence through color to draw attention to the wash bay with an eye catching light show making it unique and memorable for perspective customers!

With a formal unveiling and presentation at The Car Wash Show in Las Vegas, Nevada on April 26, 2018, Washworld is also celebrating the new product launch online with Washworld fans around the globe. Our digital unveiling of the new Razor® EDGE - on all social media platforms - shows how new eco-friendly technology combines with the best of car wash chemistry to forge a dynamic future.

Washworld, Inc. manufactures innovative vehicle wash systems built with quality materials. Washworld is committed to seeing everything through the eyes of our customers – and our customer’s customers - to provide top-shelf products with high-end value. We expect nothing less than the best from ourselves and our machines. Washworld manufactures four different Touch-Free and Soft-Touch In-Bay Automatic car wash equipment systems: Razor®, Revv®, Profile® and now the new Razor® EDGE.


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