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We don’t merely assemble systems, we design and manufacture them ourselves, here in the USA, giving our customers get the benefit of better equipment quality, delivery and service as well as giving us the ability to instantly market new products and improvements. We’re focused on providing you high quality, sturdy, reliable car wash equipment that performs consistently year in and year out with the best Tech Support in the business — all competitively priced.


Washworld foam and flow lava shield bath for carwashes

Foam 'n Flow

Some call it "Lava", but we call our luxurious foam application the Foam 'n Flow. Complete with full LED back-lighting, Washworld's Foam 'n Flow can be used with any Carnuba, hot wax, polish, or conditioning product on the market. The LEDs produce a steady light during product application and can be set to flash when idle to capture customers’ attention.

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prewash carwash Power Tower Power Tower Logo

Power Tower Wheel Cleaner

Power through accumulated grime on car wheels with Washworld’s Power Tower®! The 36” high tower features stainless steel, zero degree rotating turbo nozzles, each providing intense cleaning in a powerful spray pattern. For effective wheel cleaning that will keep your customers coming back, it’s Washworld’s Power Tower! 

3 Nozzle: The three nozzle configuration has a total of six nozzles, three per Power Tower on each side of the vehicle.

6 Nozzle: Washworld's six nozzle Power Tower has a total of 12 nozzles, six per Power Tower on each side of the vehicle. **The 3 Nozzle Power Tower is available on both Razor and Profile machines. The 6 Nozzle Power tower is available only on Razor machines.


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Water Treatment Systems



Spot Free Reverse Osmosis (RO) System

Every Washworld® Premium Series Spot Free (Reverse Osmosis) System is manufactured for maximum efficiency. Washworld systems begin where most end. Features include activated carbon pre-filter, 5 micron melt blown cartridge style filter, and thin film high efficiency membranes in stainless steel housings. The system also includes integrated, electronically monitored low level and low pressure protection. Of course, Washworld’s world class technical support is available 24/7.

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car wash water softeners 


Car Wash Water Softening Systems

At Washworld, we manufacture our Commercial Series Water Softening Systems for the car wash professional. Our twin alternating softeners provide consistent soft water based on water usage, not time in service.  Designed to out-perform and out-last any system available. Washworld, world leaders in water softening.  Let Washworld build a softening system tailored to your car washing needs.

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Washworld Pump Stations

Washworld’s Pump Station features a poly tank, three pre-soaks standard, CAT pump complete with remote oil drain kit, leveling feet, easy tilt wiring access panel and much more.  The resource conservation system that is built into every Washworld pump station can even save you money on chemical costs! Featuring one-piece, heavy-duty construction, it is designed for long life in even the harshest of conditions. 

Pump Station

Washworld Pump Station standard features:

Washworld’s Pump Stations are built to last by using: a heavy-duty powder coated frame, a corrosion proof poly tank, stainless-steel chemical manifold, and stainless-steel/composite direct feed chemical delivery system. Plus, our space saving design, simple installation, easy maintenance, and a Washview Controller with our exclusive Washview Remote Software combine to create a user-friendly pump station for your car wash. Our pump stations can give you more control over your car wash, with a direct feed solutions system and a programmable dual low-pressure inlet (Hot and Cold incoming).

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In Bay Pump Station


Washworld In-Bay Pump Station standard features:

Washworld’s In-Bay Pump Stations have all the features of our standard pumps, while also designed to be located directly in your wash bay. This is great for locations that lack an equipment room. The Deluxe Cover Package with Enclosed Base protects your equipment and looks great in your bay! Our In-Bay pump station features top feed and discharge along with removable panels, which allow for complete access and easy maintenance.

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Car Wash Signs

Instructional Signage Options

• Signage available in Standard LED versions.
• Eight panel LED signs available with or without tri-foam panel. 
• Signs may be customized to reflect site branding
• LED countdown timers also available •Signage also available in fully back lit LED


Instructional Signs

LED backlit Drive forward signs, count down timers, and instructional signage available. Personalized logos can be customized on the bottom of each sign to reflect car wash branding. Eight panel LED signs available with or without tri-foam panel. LED count down timers also available.


Drive Forward/Stop Sign 

Washworld's Drive Forward and STOP car wash sign with Progress Indicator, helps control the flow of vehicles into your car or truck wash with energy saving LED signs. Wash in Progress indicator sign is 12v and ready to help your customers know what to do! Customization available to include your logo and car wash colors. 

drive through clearance signs 

Ground Mounted Clearance Sign

Our ground mounted hanging clearance bars will gives a visual notification of the height clearance in the car wash. In addition to a visual stimulus, a physical impact to an overheight vehicle entering the structure will also be given. This sign is intended to damage a vehicle, the impact from the headache bar is enough to detour the motorist from entering and will in turn protect your carwash from physical damage. 


Hanging Clearance Sign

Our hanging clearance bars will gives a visual notification of the height clearance in the car wash. In addition to a visual stimulus, a soft bump will  impact on vehicles  entering the structure that are over the height. Not intended to damage a vehicle, the impact from the headache bar is enough to detour the motorist from entering and will in turn protect your car wash from physical damage. 



In addition to carwash systems, Washworld manufactures innovations, upgrades, and car wash support equipment an signage. Retail car wash operators will find a huge variety of goods to help them run their business. Sales and Service Organizations will find Washworld to be a favorite one-stop shopping resource for replacement parts, wash material, accessories, specialty tools and supplies. 


>Our customers are very important to us. Please let us know if you need help with finding your local distributor or if you just can't find what you're looking for. We're here to help! 

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