We Are Blowing Away The Competition.

“We are very pleased with the performance of the Razor wash system. Maintenance is very simple, and our wash numbers for our first year of operations is outstanding, due in large part to the Razor system. We are blowing away the competition. Customers line up to use our wash, and our largest wash day so far has been 130 vehicles - the washes were constant.

We’ve also had the owners from a car wash about one hour away that currently have the High Velocity, use our wash and they indicated a desire to upgrade to the Razor system. Ironically, it was actually their High Velocity that made us want to use the Washworld equipment in the first place.

We’ve also recently had the opportunity to do a Razor system upgrade as well as some troubleshooting with our modem, and dealt with your service department for both. They were very helpful.

Our distributor, Kevin Turner at Washtech Ltd. in Calgary, AB has also been excellent providing parts, service and chemical that is second to none! They are a large part of our success, and an excellent go-between for Washworld and ourselves. The best decision we ever made was contacting Washtech Ltd. to set us up with the Washworld equipment.”

- Joan & Lorne Siemers    |   Right Clean Auto & Pet Wash    |   St. Paul, Alberta, Canada

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