The Profile machine has definitely increased my sales.

"I first heard about the Profile from a trade show and I chose this machine because of its local 24/7 technical support. It was recommended to me by a few different people. I had to replace an existing machine in one bay and I also built a new building for a second bay. I had a Razor and Profile put in. My sales have definitely increased."

 "I have received an outstanding response from the Profile. The customers tell me that the soft touch does a great job."

- Rick Hodny    |   High Plains Cooperative    |   Plainview, Minnesota

My double bay site is up double its revenue since putting in the Profile.

"I first heard about the Profile from my Washworld distributor, Wes Frank at Washworld of Central Texas. I wanted to give my customers the option of soft touch or touch free so I chose to put in the Washworld Razor (touch free) in on bay and the Profile (soft touch) in the other. The combination has substantially improved my business. My two bay site is up to double its revenue now."

My customers love the Profile and a portion of them have grown accustomed to the machine to the point that they are strictly Profile users. The Profile is definitely a machine I would recommend. It is a fantastic machine with a clean looking bay and floor. The feature that I especially like is that the top brush won't drop down into the bed of a pick up truck. Also, the Profile is a lot easier to reset from off-site than any other machine I've owned. I also love how customizable the programming is.

"Overall, I like the Profile macine and can definitely see myself owning another one." 

- Phil Wuest    |   Pic-n-Pac Convenience Stores    |   McQueeny, Texas

Anything you need to be successful is all there with Razor...

“The main reasons I chose Washworld Razor is that it is user friendly and the support and service are excellent”


“My business has improved since I had a Razor installed because of its speed and quality of wash versus my previous machines.  My customers like the way the system’s speaker talks to them during each phase of the wash.  They have commented on the Razor cover’s LED lights and smoothness of the arch going around their vehicle.”


“I would recommend Washworld as they are there for the owner.  Anything you need to be successful is all there with Razor…it’s a package deal”

- Phil Carroll    |   Ultimate Auto Wash    |   Des Moines, Iowa

You Won’t Find My Wash Shut Down.

“Washworld Razor touchless with Virtual Attendant was a big deal for me. I also liked that it had few proprietary parts. In South Dakota we tend to be hands-on and self-sufficient so, when necessary, being able to work on the machines ourselves was important.

One of the real advantages of the Washworld Razor is the control panel. Because of it, I am able to derive so much information about my wash over the internet. I can remotely check wash counts, open and close doors according to the weather and more. I own the wash, the wash doesn’t own me.

Washworld’s Razor lends itself to our commitment to a cleaner environment. We run geothermal so we get a preferred electric rate. With the Washworld being an electric rather than hydraulic system it is cheaper to run with no risk of hydraulic oil contamination.

I compare my wash to a public utility. I need to be open and available all of the time. The materials that go into the Washworld machines don’t show wear and tear. With the Razor you won’t find my wash shut down.”

- John Keyes    |   Jim Phillips, LLC    |   Yankton, South Dakota

Razor Has What I Need To Be Successful.

"I had originally been considering a different machine, however my distributor suggested I check out the Washworld Razor. I did research on-line and found that the Razor’s features were superior to the other machine. I liked that it had a direct computer in its control cabinet and I didn’t need additional, external computers to operate. Factory support was also a big thing. Since I am quite far from my distributor, I have my own technician and we have found the Razor is easy to maintain. However, we can always contact Washworld’s technical support if we ever have any questions.

The Razor is being well received by my customers. I’ve already almost doubled what I had expected for a daily wash count. Because my wash is located in a small community, repeat business is important and my customers have told me that Razor is doing a great job.

There were three major things I needed in a wash for me to be successful: it had to have an open floor (no treadle) with on-board dryer; had to do a good job cleaning off the summer bugs; and clean dualie pick-ups. Washworld Razor had all three. It’s quite a machine.”

- Arlan Scholl    |   Scholl Service Center    |   Holyoke, Colorado

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