Product Literature

Product Literature

Washworld Razor EDGE Touch Free Vehicle Wash

Washworld, Inc. brings a new In-Bay Automatic vehicle wash to the line-up with the Razor® EDGE. Meet the perfect combination of speed and user experience in car wash technology. The Razor® EDGE comes equipped with all our reliable Razor® components but now includes an intense customer experience featuring all new elements: HyperFlex, LumenArch and SpectraRay. With HyperFlex, two product applications systems combine in one resulting in faster wash time. LumenArch includes 324 LED lights that create an eye-catching spray arch glow - both during applications and while idle. SpectraRay is a spectacular array of 4,528 LED lights that fill the wash bay. Razor EDGE’s red, magenta, blue and green LEDs are customizable to add color enhancements during all product applications to accentuate the experience and memorability of the entire wash process.

Washworld Razor Touch Free Vehicle Wash 2018-2019

The Washworld Razor is an innovative, touch-free, in-bay automatic car wash that continues to transform touch-free car washing. Razor earns its reputation as one of the hardest working machines on the market. Built to last, Razor's corrosion resistant stainless steel construction can withstand nearly any condition in any climate - resulting in fewer maintenance calls and longer up-time. The Razor combines the mark of quality, the feature-rich experience, and the reputation for excellence that Washworld is known for around the world.

Washworld Profile Soft-Touch Vehicle Wash

Washworld’s Profile® is the soft touch system you’ve been waiting for. Combining Washworld’s advanced technology used in our touch-free systems with the latest in washing materials, Profile is the answer to growing your car wash business. With standard features such as Washview® HMI On-Site , VS2® Vehicle Sizing System and Flex Pass® Dual Application System, Profile provides an exceptional value.

Washworld Revv Touch Free Vehicle Wash

For an even quicker return on your investment choose Revv...the next step in the Razor® revolution! It’s all of the best of what makes the Razor unique but at a lower price point. Stainless steel is still an important part of Revv including stainless steel travel rails, wall mounts, spray arch and more. Plus Revv features belt drive technology, Energy Chain, Washworld’s Virtual Attendant® and VS2®-Vehicle Sizing System. Revv is the complete package and the fastest way to Revv up your bottom line!

Washworld Advanced Technologies

At Washworld we are continually striving to provide technologies that improve the efficiency and quality of our wash systems while keeping them simple to operate and maintain. Advancements like Virtual Attendant® which eliminates trips to the site to reset the wash; VS2® (Vehicle Sizing System) which provides consistent vehicle sizing that is safe and reliable and Flex Pass which increases thru-put with fewer product application passes are designed with our customers in mind. All can be controlled with Washworld’s exclusive Washview® and Washview Remote which give you access and control of your wash through a PC or laptop or with a Tablet or Smart Phone.

Washworld Equipment Extras

Washworld systems just keep getting better, which makes you more profitable! Additions to the Washworld product line include a multitude of options. For effective wheel cleaning that will keep your customers coming back, it’s Washworld’s Power Tower. The 36” high tower features stainless steel zero degree rotating turbo nozzles, each providing intense cleaning in a 24 degree spray pattern. Power Tower is available in a six nozzle and a 12 nozzle configuration. Foam ‘n Flow application system includes full LED back lighting, and can be used with any Carnuba, hot wax, polish, and conditioning products on the market. Foam ‘n Flow produces high end results for a true money maker.

Washworld Pump Station

Washworld’s Pump Station features a poly tank, three pre-soaks standard, an additional two low pressure product applications and two high pressure product applications standard, CAT pump complete with remote oil drain kit, leveling feet, easy tilt wiring access panel and much more. Also available for locations without an equipment room, the In-Bay Pump Station offers cutting edge technology incorporated in a space saving frame designed to be located directly in your wash bay. Featuring one piece heavy duty construction, it is designed for long life in even the harshest of conditions.

Washworld High Velocity Dryer Systems

The Washworld High Velocity® Free-Standing and Wall Mount Vehicle Drying Systems incorporate proven energy efficient air producer designs. All of that power wrapped in our optional fiberglass Image Package choices make your wash stand out from your competitors...and keep your customers coming back for more! Washworld, world leaders in drying technology.

Washworld Water Treatment

Every Washworld® Premium Series Spot Free (Reverse Osmosis) System is manufactured for maximum efficiency. Washworld systems begin where most end. Features include activated carbon pre-filter, 5 micron melt blown cartridge style filter, and thin film high efficiency membranes in stainless steel housings. The system also includes integrated, electronically monitored low level and low pressure protection. Of course, Washworld’s world class technical support is available 24/7.

Washworld Warranty and Customer Service

The Washworld® Customer Care Program leads the industry in customer service. Designed to make you more profitable; Our Technical Training Classes, Unlimited 24/7 Telephone Support, and exclusive Washview Remote™ software make it possible for you and our technical professionals to access your site from anywhere in the world. Best of all, there is never a charge.

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