Soft Touch Vehicle Wash


The answer to growing your car wash business!

Washworld's Profile is the soft touch system you've been waiting for. Combining Washworld's advanced technology used in our touch-free systems with the latest in washing materials, Profile is the answer to growing your car wash business. With standard features such as Washview® HMI On-Site, VS²® Vehicle Sizing System and Flex Pass® Dual Application System, Profile provides an exceptional value.



Features Combined In A Soft Vehicle Wash

The wall mounted system eliminates the gantry and presents a clean, open bay while Washworld's exclusive Digital Surface Profile (DSP) utilizing 3D imaging insures optimal cleaning. Eye-catching LED lighting and audible voice prompts add to the experience. Like all of Washworld's systems, Profile was designed with emphasis on durability, simplicity of use and reduced maintenance in order to make you more profitable.

Solution Delivery System (SDS)

The Profile Solution Delivery System comes loaded with standard features:

  • Multi-Stage solution delivery system which is capable of up to 225psi
  • Composite direct injection/no drift chemical metering system
  • Eight (8) low pressure chemical injectors which allows for any two products to be applied simultaneously in a single wash pass
  • Multiple coupling joints for ease of maintenance
  • Standard product application includes pre-soak one, pre-soak two, protectant, and sealant

Flex Pass™ Dual Application System

Profile's Dual Flex Pass application system provides complete coverage of a vehicles sides and top simultaneously. Programming allows for front (exit) mounted pods and rear (entrance) mounted pods individually or concurrent application of pre-soaks, protectants, sealants and rinse with ability of two products to be applied during a single pass of the vehicle. The Dual Flex Pass means:

The ultimate in time savings = More vehicles per hour = Greater return on investment!

Washview® HMI On-Site & Washview HMI Remote

A color touch screen gives you complete access to turn functions on or of, including programming, maintenance, dignostics, and view wash counts. No on-site PC or laptop is needed to configure your wash. Profile also features a comprehensive integrated security system which can monitor auto cashiers, doors, fluid levels and more. In addition the Wash Package Storage capability allows for up to eight wash packages to be retained which can be quickly copied to the immediate wash setup.

The revolutionary design of our Washview HMI remote features the same cutting edge technologies as Washview with the additional ability to receive e-mail or text message alerts from anywhere in the world using your Tablet or Smart Phone (application requires additional purchase from iTunes or Google Play). Washworld's exclusive Washview HMI Remote software allows you to access Profile from anywhere using your PC, laptop, Tablet or Smart Phone.

Energy Chain

Profile incorporates the latest in energy chain design for handling of product delivery, controls, and communication needs available. Our composite energy chain is factory loaded with solution supply lines and control wiring. Profile includes a factory wired bay box for ease of installation which also reduces the installations cost. Available as driver or passenger side mount, E-chain provides a clean appearance in the wash bay and also a low maintenance way to route hoses, wires, and communication cable to the wash unit.


Stainless Steel

There is no better material to use in a wash environment than stainless steel and it is utilized throughout Profile. The stainless steel used for Profile's wall mounting system, travel rails, and laser cut overhead wash carriage, insures that Profile is the most long lasting and durable system in the industry.


Equipment Envelope Requirements do not include obstructions, etc.

Bay Height..............................................11 Feet minimum

Bay Width   Wall Mounted Energy Chain...15' 4" minimum

Bay Length  Recommended......................37' 4"  minimum


Utility Requirements for standard Profile ST do not include options or other equipment requirements

Air ....................................................13 CFM @ 40 PSI (with Tri-Foam)

Water .................................................15 GPM @ 40 PSI with 1" supply

Electrical ...............................................30 Amps, 3 phase, 208/230 V


Note: Specifications Subject to Change Without Notice. The decibel level of the dryer (measured at 1.6 meters from the floor and 1 meter from the surface) is 94dB. The decibel level of the pump station (measured at 1.6 meters from the floor and 1 meter from the surface) is 94dB. Decibel levels are impacted by surrounding materials and conditions and will vary.

All of Washworld’s Best Features In One System

Digital Surface Profile (DSP)

Washworld's exclusive DSP - Digital Surface Profile system is the advanced method of reading a vehicle's contours to allow for the most percise cleaning possible. Utilizing 3D imaging, DSP allows Profile to adjust for various vehicle surfaces to deliver a wash that reaches every angle with the super soft polyethylene foam wash media. The dual side brushes are belt driven with independent movement while the variable frequency drive controls for the side and top brushes insure a smooth operation. Profile's programmable Clean Rinse-Wash Media Cleaning System keeps the brushes from retaining dirt and debris which results in the best possible customer experience. The DSP System offers consistent length, width and height measuring of vehicles for optimal product application and cleaning by Profile. This insures that products are applied to the vehicle not the floor which saves money and reduces wash times by customizing the travel distance of the Profile based on the length of each individual vehicle.

VS²® - Vehicle Sizing System

Especially important when positioning vehicles with a soft vehicle wash bay, Washworld's Vehicle Sizing System (VS²) with precise loading feature utilizes advanced software coupled with photo eye technology to provide a safe and reliable means of positioning the vehicle in the wash bay, eliminating the need for floor mounted treadle plates of wheel stops. This results in a significant reduction in wiring and fewer components to maintain. - See more at:

The Profile Advantage

Designed to increase profits by reducing operating and maintenance costs, Profile features:

  • Energy efficient TEFC climate proof motors
  • Sealed gearboxes to eliminate oil changes
  • High quality, premium fiberglass enclosures to withstand harsh wash bay conditions for a longer life
  • Minimal rolling resistance for improved efficiency
  • Positive drive dual belt carriage motion for accurate tracking and smooth motion
  • A hand held remote control replaces a joystick box for manual movement of Profile functions
  • For colder climates, an in-bay temperature monitoring system will automatically disable the wash bay if temperatures reach a preset threshold
  • Profile is Wash Activation and Customer Buy Up ready
  • Multi application of products in a single pass with reduced wash packaged time means more cars per hour

Customer Appeal

From the minute that your customers drive into your wash bay, they will see that Profile is a different kind of soft wash. Profile's wall mounted system keeps the machine up off the floor and creates an open and inviting wash bay. High gloss composite wash carriage and side brush covers with sleek graphics and LED lighting give Profile a clean and refined look.

As your customers proceed into the bay, audible voice prompts combine with dual machine mounted multi-colored LED light bars to position the vehicle in the bay. As the wash progresses the voice prompts inform your customer of product applications which coincide within the optional in-bay instructional sign.

The proof of any system is in how well it cleans. With Profile's three brushes guided by DSP, your customers' vehicles receive optimal cleaning. Combine the optional Power Wheel Detailer in a Touch or Touch-free configuration, and Foam 'n Flow application system for value added services your customers will appreciate.

Profile is a sure way to keep your customers coming back and is certain to increase your bottom line.



Profile MAX & Profile ST

  • Stainless Steel Wall Mounting System
  • 34' Stainless Steel Travel Rails
  • Stainless Steel Laser Cut Overhead Wash Carriage
  • High Gloss Composite Wash Carriage Covers
  • High Gloss Composite Side Brush Covers
  • VS² - Vehicle Sizing System with Percise Loading Feature
  • DSP (Digital Surface Profile) Technology
  • Super Soft Polyethylene Foam Wash Media (Top and Side Brushes)
  • Programmable Clean Rinse-Wash Media Cleaning and Lubricating System
  • Belt Driven Dual Side Brush with Independent Movement
  • Positive Drive Dual Belt Carriage Motion
  • TEFC/Climate Proof Motors and Gearboxes with Minimal Rolling Resistance
  • Variable Frequency Drive Controls for Smooth Top and Side Brush Operation
  • Composite E-Chain
  • Driver Side or Passenger E-Chain Supply
  • Dual Flex Pass Application System - Complete Coverage-Sides and Top
  • In-Bay Audible Voice Commands
  • Dual Machine Mounted 78' Multi-Colored LED Entrance Side Light Bars
  • Multi-Stage Solution Delivery Pump (Capable of up to 225 PSI)
  • Composite Direct Injection/No Drift Chemical Metering System
  • (8) Low Pressure Chemical Injectors
  • Washview HMI On-Site Controller
  • Comprehensive Integrated Security System
  • Wash Package Storage
  • Hand Held Remote Control for Manual Movement and Machine Functions
  • In-Bay Temperature Monitoring System
  • Wash Activation and Customer Buy Up Ready

Additional Standard Features - Profile MAX

  • Extended Solution Delivery (ESD) which includes Bug A'Salt Applicator and 4 Additional Solution Injectors
  • High Pressure Delivery System - Ultra Compact Pump Station



Profile MAX & Profile ST

  • Touch or Touch-Free Power Wheel Detailer
  • Foam 'n Flow Product Application System
  • Tri-Foam Pods - Two Sets (1 Set Entrance, 1 Set Exit Mounted)
  • Power Towers - Six Nozzle Configuration (High Pressure Models)
  • Reclaim Adapter ( High Pressure Models)
  • Stainless Steel Undercarriage Manifold (Medium or High Pressure)
  • Washview HMI Remote (Remote High Speed Connectivity)
  • Entrance and In-Bay Directional/Service Confirmation Signs (12 or 24 Volt)
  • Dryer Systems - Unlimited Configurations Available
  • LED Countdown Timers
  • Custom Color Wash Media
  • Door Controls - Independent (Entrance and Exit) Control
  • Water Treatment Equipment
  • Free Standing Frame

Additional Optional Features - Profile ST

  • Extended Solution Delivery (ESD) which includes Bug A'Salt Applicator and 4 Additional Solution Injectors
  • High Pressure Delivery System - Ultra Compact Pump Station



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