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Why Choose an In-Bay?

The in-bay automatic wash concept was designed to operate unattended, while offering customers a quick and inexpensive exterior wash. Washworld has the largest distribution of any touch-free car wash systems in the world. We don’t merely assemble systems, we design and manufacture them ourselves in the US. That means our customers benefit with better quality equipment, delivery, and service. It also gives us the ability to instantly market new products and improvements. We’re focused on providing you high quality, sturdy, reliable car wash equipment that performs consistently year in and year out with the best Tech Support in the business — all competitively priced.

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Razor EDGE Car Wash System

Meet the perfect combination of speed and user experience in car wash technology! The Razor® EDGE comes equipped with all our reliable Razor® components with the addition of an intense customer experience featuring all new elements: HyperFlex, LumenArch and SpectraRay. With HyperFlex, two product application systems combine in one, resulting in faster wash time. LumenArch includes 324 LED lights that create an eye-catching spray arch glow - both during applications and while idle. SpectraRay is a spectacular array of 4,528 LED lights that fill the wash bay. Razor EDGE’s red, magenta, blue and green LEDs are customizable to add color enhancements during all product applications to accentuate the experience and memorability of the entire wash process.

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Razor Car Wash System

A result of Washworld’s commitment to making you more profitable, Razor is a vehicle wash system that delivers! Focusing on simplicity of use, reduced maintenance, improved system longevity and durability of materials, Razor combines all the great features you’ve come to expect from Washworld in a truly unique package. If you want a bigger return on investment, then it’s time to join the Razor Revolution.

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Revv Car Wash System

For an even quicker return on your investment, choose Revv, the next step in the Razor® revolution! It’s all the best of what makes the Razor unique but at a lower price point. The Revv includes stainless steel travel rails, wall mounts, spray arch and more, along with Washworld’s advanced technology like: our Energy Chain, Washworld’s Virtual Attendant® and VS2®-Vehicle Sizing System. Revv is the complete package and the fastest way to Revv up your bottom line!

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Profile Soft Touch Vehicle Wash

Washworld's Profile is the soft touch system you've been waiting for! Combining Washworld's advanced technology used in our touch-free systems with the latest in washing materials, Profile is the answer to growing your car wash business. With standard features such as Washview® HMI On-Site, VS²® Vehicle Sizing System and Flex Pass® Dual Application System, Profile provides an exceptional value.


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