R & D and Quality Assurance

Research and Development

Washworld's commitment to the success of car wash owners drives our R&D efforts. Because we are car wash owners too, we have a thorough understanding of the type of improvements that would be most beneficial in development of car wash systems. 

Out of that understanding of the car wash experience, we’ve developed innovations such as the Virtual Attendant. We know that no one likes to make unplanned trips to their wash when it is down.  Virtual Attendant eliminates those trips when they are caused by the arch encountering obstacles like over-sized mirrors or bicycle racks.  Virtual Attendant compensates for those obstacles and continues to wash thereby keeping your customer happy and saving you time and money.

However, Virtual Attendant is just one of many Washworld advancements.  Our Washview® allows owners to access their wash from anywhere in the world; VS²® provides precise positioning of a vehicle in the wash bay for optimal cleaning; Bug A’Salt™ which provides added cleaning capabilities for seasonal problems, are but a few examples of Washworld’s innovative technology. 

The development of Bug A’Salt, our extra step vehicle preparation, has allowed Washworld to launch an all out war on bugs and salt residue.  This unique concentrated attack targets bugs and salt film which leaves vehicles cleaner and your customers happier.

Another exclusive product is Washworld’s Flex Pass system.  This stainless steel, angled flood style pod delivery system applies up to eight different applications to the entire vehicle (top, sides, front and rear), each product can be applied to the vehicle in a single pass.  Anything that can be put through the arch, can be put through the Flex Pass.  The angled flood style pod provides a more accurate and complete product application and rinse.  Applications can be programmed from front to rear or rear to front to minimize machine movement.  This speeds up the wash process to increase the through put of cars, which in turn translates into greater profits for you.  Speeds are adjustable individually in both directions.  Since the arch does not rotate around the car, it results in a substantial savings in time as well as reduced product cost

Importantly, the upgrades and improvements we’ve made are accessible, not cost-prohibitive. Our goal is to provide dependable, easy-to-operate Car Wash Systems, with a focus on reduced maintenance, improved system longevity, and durability of materials.


Product Testing

Being at the forefront of innovation means that thorough product testing is integral to Washworld's day-to-day quality control process. All of our equipment, every machine we manufacture is rigorously tested before we ship it  and is extensively field-tested after installation, before the first customer even drives a vehicle through the bay.

Your profitable car wash is our objective. We work continuously to develop new ways to improve your car wash's profit generation.


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